Saturday, November 10, 2012

Toybox - book review - A new experience

by Heather Farthing

Toybox by Heather Farthing is an interesting experience. The story of someone who wakes up as a rabbit in the playroom of a little girl surrounded by other talking toys. As the plot unfolds you, the rabbit, discover how you got there and why you were chosen. Then, panic reigns as the owner of the playroom arrives, in an angry fit, and all characters run and hide except you.

Though a short story, it leaves you thinking "What if..." Written in first person Toybox wakes you up in a world similar to reality but not quite real. As you try desperately to figure out what is going on and where you are your dream becomes a nightmare until you, 1st person, turn it around yourself. Toybox reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode from years ago (still in reruns) except that I liked the twist at the end of Toybox much better. Though the book ended my thoughts continued to add to the story.

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The Hobbit - book review - Size and Appearance can be Deceiving

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The Hobbit
(Kindle Edition)

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is a classic and my favorite book of all time next to the Bible. Tolkien creates the world of Middle Earth and the inhabitants of it. In this story the smallest and least likely of these inhabitants is sucked into an adventure he does not want yet where he proves himself the unlikely hero and rescuer many times over of those companions who are experienced in hardship, war, and adventures that he travels with. Bilbo Baggins, of the Shire, proves to all that it is the spirit and not the size, appearance, or experience of a person that truly makes a man and a hero. Sometimes the simple things of life are worth more.

Shadowhorn: Age of the Revenant

Shadowhorn: Age of the Revenant by E. Lee Smith Shadowhorn: Age of the Revenant , by E. Lee Smith was a pleasant surprise. ...