Saturday, September 7, 2013

D. Brian Shafer

Shafer used Bible accounts of the rebellion of Lucifer and the creation to tell an interesting story. I did not find the story 'religious' at all. The characters, though they are angels, are infused with the emotions, feelings, and reactions of mankind so they were easy to relate to, unlike most stories about angels. Though portrayed as withdrawn, preoccupied, above the action, and unapproachable, God is not a main character yet the story centers around his actions. Similar to a father-figure in a story about siblings and their reaction to the father as told by the siblings while the father is in another room. The layout of the story was not complex but compelling to me as a reader. Without spoiling, the main twist was one I hoped for but did not see coming in the way Shafer wrote it. Yet it was still believable. Interesting enough to read again and to look for others in the series.

Shadowhorn: Age of the Revenant

Shadowhorn: Age of the Revenant by E. Lee Smith Shadowhorn: Age of the Revenant , by E. Lee Smith was a pleasant surprise. ...